I was born in New Orleans and have lived in the New Orleans area my whole life. I once entertained the thought of leaving, but who was I kidding …. New Orleans has a way of getting into your soul and holding onto you.  I’ve had a camera in my hands for most of my life and lately it seems like I just can’t put it down. I’ve always been the “documenter” … you know, that person in your family who you know is always going to be there with the camera to make sure that every memory has been preserved … yep, that’s me!  The importance of photography really struck me after Hurricane Katrina, when we were all able to rebuild our homes, but couldn’t replace the precious memories that got washed away with our photographs.

As I build my photography business, that thought is always with me … whether I’m working on a family session, a portrait or even documenting an event, I will always take the approach that what I am truly doing is capturing a memory. I am always looking for a way to tell the story … whether its how you met, what current milestone is going on in your life, and my absolute favorite, just capturing that special something that goes on between people when they are sharing a moment! When you call me to book an appointment, you can plan on having a conversation that includes telling me a bit about yourself, so that I can get my creative juices flowing on how best to capture you!

If I’m going to get to know you, I guess you should know a little more about me:

  • I have two grown boys and am recently remarried after being a single mom for 17 years.
  • In a “prior life” I worked as a tourism research analyst … but I really prefer photography over numbers any day.  Hearing that your analyst is “creative” can be alarming to your clients!
  • I love music, cooking from scratch, red wine and sharing all of the prior with the company of good friends.
  • Oh, and I love the color red … red hair, red toenails, red wedding …
  • I laugh easily, cry even easier, and my kids often make me laugh ’til I cry!
  • I suffer from serious wanderlust and from the addictive belief that the next picture I take is going to be the best one ever.  I hope I never recover from either one.
  • I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
  • Want to know more?  Take a peek at my “Favorite Things”


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